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TransCanada’s Ravenswood power generation facility in Queens, N.Y.

TransCanada’s operational and facility safety records continue to be among the best in the industry.

Focus On Safety

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Maximizing the value of our pipelines and power facilities means ensuring they are designed, constructed and operated safely and reliably every day. Our company’s priority is to make sure that our employees and contractors make it home safe and that our neighbours see us as a responsible and trusted member of the community.

Zero is real
No safety incidents are acceptable. Our goal of zero incidents is real and we will not be satisfied until we achieve it.

Our goal is simple: Deliver world-class projects and operations by consistently achieving the right results, the right way. Realizing this goal as we grow requires us to consider the entire life cycle of our assets in a disciplined and organized way, embedding a culture of safety and quality in everything we do. It also requires us to set aggressive performance targets and hold ourselves accountable for achieving consistent and repeatable results for safety, quality, reliability and compliance. That’s why we have implemented a number of new programs and business processes that are designed not just to improve our own performance, but to improve our industry as a whole.

Our occupational and facility safety records continue to be among the best in the industry, but we recognize that no safety-related incidents are acceptable. We will not be satisfied until we reach our ultimate goal of zero incidents. That is why we will invest more than $1.5 billion in 2015 on integrity programs and preventative maintenance for our assets and continue to play a leadership role in key initiatives to continually improve the quality of construction across our industry. We are also at the forefront in adopting new technologies to enhance the safety and efficiency of our construction and operations, dedicating more than $80 million over the last five years towards research and development work with industry and government partners.